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Milford Beach to Dingmans Ferry - Delaware River Series

Brian G.

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Milford Beach to Dingmans Ferry is approximately 8 miles in river length and would take around 3 hours (without stopping) to complete depending on river flow. You can plan for it to take 4-5 hours if you did it at a leisurely pace and stopped for lunch.  Here's a hot tip: This section is easy to navigate. You're starting just before the 206 Milford-Montague Bridge down to just after the Dingman's Ferry Bridge. There are no bridges in-between, so use these as your landmarks.

About Milford Beach

Milford Beach is located at the north end of the park just south of Milford, PA. Here is the Google Map's pin for Milford Beach. This area offers a grassy beach complete with picnic areas, a pavilion, restrooms, a boat launch, a canoe launch, and access to the Joseph M. McDade Recreational Trail. This access point is one of the larger ones providing additional recreation such as picnicking and swimming. There is plenty of parking with around 80 spots.


Parking / Paying

The kiosks may or may not be manned throughout the season. You are required to pay cash when parking here. There will be instructions at the kiosk on what to do. Usually, you grab a small envelope which has information like your license plate number, you leave the money in the envelope and into the lock box. The price to park is $10.




Some Highlights

You will be passing by two islands, Minisink Island and Namanock Island. The direction to go left or right is really up to the paddler. You may find yourself in shallow water that requires you to portage.



There are only two sections of class 1 rapids before and after Minisink Island, this is a good beginner section to begin on. Please always wear your PFD.



About Dingmans Ferry

You will be coming back to Dingman's Ferry right after the bridge on the right side. Here is the Google Map's pin for this location. This is a smaller beach than Milford.



How do we handle transportation? Do we need two vehicles? The answer is yes, you will need two vehicles since this is a one way trip. I recommend everyone to meet at Dingman's Ferry, leave one car behind. The other car must be able to take both kayaks and passengers up to Milford Beach. When you finish and end at Dingman's Ferry the car left behind, must take both kayaks and passengers up to the start to where the other car is. It can be logistically fun to figure out.

On the weekends from Memorial day to Labor day the Pocono Pony operates transports.

Check out the Ultimate Delaware River topic here.

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19 minutes ago, Rahul Karodia said:

Looks cool. I just read the details on Pocono pony. I understand it’s free bus service during weekends. Also I plan to paddle board the river? Do people do that usually?

Yes, people have and do paddle board the Delaware. It's important to keep an eye on the river levels. Lower than usual conditions can lead to you scraping your fin. You can check the river conditions here.

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    • Johnson Lake, Byram Township - 05.07.23
      It's been a bit of a slow start for me this season, and I have really had to pick my spots. 

      This location was one of the last few I visited in the fall, and I went into this season not really having a plan on where I wanted to go first. Recently my daughter and I hiked near the area, after we had to abandon the Sussex Branch Trail near Cranberry Lake due to flooding. 

      Once I revisited from my hike I wanted to come back and fish it again. I had a window on Saturday morning before the winds were forecasted to come in, and off I went.

      The lake was like glass in the morning, and was covered with a thin sheen of pollen & white snow - those white seed pods that always seem to be floating around every year during the first week of May; I don't know what they're called or what tree or plant produces them. All I know is without fail, this time of year there are several days with white things blowing around all day long. I told my daughter it always coincides with her birthday week

      Was not expecting much due to the bluebird skies, but the pickerel certainly were willing enough, although several declined their photo ops with me. I only ended up with a couple and the bass weren't hitting much, but it was still an ok outing. It's early in the year, but the lily pads are already starting to come in pretty quickly. In another month or so this place will be a sea of pads, but there are still plenty of holes around to fish the edges. 

      There was enough water from the recent rains that I was finally able to edge into the northern section of the lake. My last few trips here there were a lot of visible stumps poking out above the water, and I believe it's the shallowest and weediest portion of the lake. 


      Looking forward to a few return trips here during the 2023 season! 
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    • White Lake Natural Resource Area
      White Lake Natural Resource Area is located in Warren County, NJ. It is known for it's crystal clear waters, nicknaming it the Caribbean of NJ. The lake is very small and takes under an hour to circumnavigate. This lake is open from dawn to dusk, all watercrafts are allowed. It's a great beginner lake since it is one of the smallest public ones available.

      Here is the Google Maps pin for the location.


      Where to park and where to unload:

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