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The biggest PADDLE resource on the Delaware River

Brian G.

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Here is the start of the biggest collection of everything on the Delaware River!

Resource Websites

  1. Delaware River Water Trail
  2. Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River
  3. Delaware River Sojourn
  4. Delaware River Google Map

Delaware River Books:

  1. A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River

Livery (rentals) Companies:

  1. Adventure Sports
  2. Chamberlain Canoes
  3. Delaware River Campground
  4. Driftstone Campground
  5. Edge of the Woods Outfitters
  6. Kayak East
  7. Shawnee River Trips
  8. Kittatinny


  1. Book Your Camp Site

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need two vehicles for a trip?
    • You will need a vehicle at the start and one at the end of your trip. Points are usually run every 10 river miles, you won't be able to paddle back upstream. During the summer, Pocono Pony offers transportation during the weekends.
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  • Our picks

    • Johnson Lake, Byram Township - 05.07.23
      It's been a bit of a slow start for me this season, and I have really had to pick my spots. 

      This location was one of the last few I visited in the fall, and I went into this season not really having a plan on where I wanted to go first. Recently my daughter and I hiked near the area, after we had to abandon the Sussex Branch Trail near Cranberry Lake due to flooding. 

      Once I revisited from my hike I wanted to come back and fish it again. I had a window on Saturday morning before the winds were forecasted to come in, and off I went.

      The lake was like glass in the morning, and was covered with a thin sheen of pollen & white snow - those white seed pods that always seem to be floating around every year during the first week of May; I don't know what they're called or what tree or plant produces them. All I know is without fail, this time of year there are several days with white things blowing around all day long. I told my daughter it always coincides with her birthday week

      Was not expecting much due to the bluebird skies, but the pickerel certainly were willing enough, although several declined their photo ops with me. I only ended up with a couple and the bass weren't hitting much, but it was still an ok outing. It's early in the year, but the lily pads are already starting to come in pretty quickly. In another month or so this place will be a sea of pads, but there are still plenty of holes around to fish the edges. 

      There was enough water from the recent rains that I was finally able to edge into the northern section of the lake. My last few trips here there were a lot of visible stumps poking out above the water, and I believe it's the shallowest and weediest portion of the lake. 


      Looking forward to a few return trips here during the 2023 season! 
      • 2 replies
    • White Lake Natural Resource Area
      White Lake Natural Resource Area is located in Warren County, NJ. It is known for it's crystal clear waters, nicknaming it the Caribbean of NJ. The lake is very small and takes under an hour to circumnavigate. This lake is open from dawn to dusk, all watercrafts are allowed. It's a great beginner lake since it is one of the smallest public ones available.

      Here is the Google Maps pin for the location.


      Where to park and where to unload:

      • 2 replies
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