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  • Jun 03
    Happening Today

    Beginner Paddle at Budd Lake

    This is a beginners paddle, we will be going at a slower pace and I can explain how to maneuver the kayak to first-timers. This is an easy-launch sandy beach with ample parking. For your safety, A PFD IS REQUIRED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES, I will have some to loan out if you forget yours. The main things to see on Budd Lake are marshes with birds, lily pads, a hidden older marina, and Pax Amicus th

  • Jun 03
    Happening Today

    Jersey Paddle Boards - 10th Anniversary Paddle Board and Kayak Sale/Swap

    Jersey Paddle Boards is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! They are offering a used paddle board and kayak swap sale for those who have equipment to sell but are not sure how to do it. Interested individuals can call Jersey Paddle Boards at 1-845-554-0787 for drop-off information and details. For those looking to purchase equipment, they can visit Jersey Paddle Boards on June 3rd to browse the

    • 622 Jersey Ave, Greenwood Lake, New York, 10925
  • Jun 25

    ACA Level 1 SUP Intro Class For Beginners ($$)

    An intro class that will go over the following skills: • Equipment: Types of boards, paddles, leashes, PFDs • Launching: Off beach and docks • Paddle: Sizing, holding while kneeling/standing, switching sides • Strokes: Forward, reverse, sweeps (turns), cross-bow, bracing, draws • Stance: Neutral and staggered variations, kneeling, sitting • Safety & Rescue: Paddle tow or tether tow

    • 622 Jersey Ave, Greenwood Lake, New Jersey

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